Stellite®12 is a cobalt-based alloy with high heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Stellite®12 can be regarded as an intermediate alloy between StelliteTM 6 and StelliteTM 1. It contains a higher proportion of hard and brittle carbides, and increases resistance to low-angle erosion, wear and severe sliding wear, while maintaining reasonable performance in impact resistance and cavitation resistance. Higher tungsten content provides better high temperature performance compared to StelliteTM 6, and can be used at temperatures up to 700˚C.


  Stellite 12 application areas

•Oil, gas and mining industry

• Refining, power and petrochemical industries

• Pulp and Paper Industry

• Food processing industry

• Timber and timber industry

•Automotive industry

•Aerospace industry

•Medical implants, auxiliary equipment and instruments

Cobalt Base Stellite 12 is an excellent alloy for investment casting and a variety of applications. Following are some of the properties of Cobalt Base Stellite 12:

lIt provides exceptional wear resistance.

lIt has a cobalt base with an extremely tough CoCr alloy matrix.

lIt is corrosion resistant, similar to stainless steel.

lIt is very resistant to erosion, abrasion and contact wear

lIt has excellent heat resistance.


We are a direct manufacturer. Castings, pumps and valves can be customized according to drawings. Our most favorable specification is more than 5kg/piece, and there is no minimum minimum requirement. Users are welcome to try to order.

   The capacity of our vacuum casting furnace is: 50kg, 100kg, 1000kg.