Alloy 713 is a precipitation hardening nickel-chromium-based casting alloy. It has excellent strength performance up to 1800ºF (980ºC). The alloy has good casting properties, and has excellent oxidation resistance and thermal fatigue resistance.

The high-temperature strength and ductility of its alloy make it suitable for use as blade materials and first-stage blades for jets, guide blades for industrial turbines, forging dies, extrusion dies and die-casting dies.

The alloy is actually a cast alloy and is not easy to forge. This is largely due to the need to put a large amount of precipitated elements into the solution before forging. On the one hand, high temperatures are required to achieve this solution, on the other hand, the precision forging temperature itself must be quite high. We must not forget the high-temperature strength of this alloy. Even with good high-temperature ductility, the hot working process will be difficult.

The alloy may be forged between 2200 /1900ºF (1205 /1040ºC).

The alloy is usually used in the as-cast state, but by solution treatment at 2150ºF (1175ºC) for 2 hours and then air cooling, the stress rupture life of 1700/1900ºF (925 /1040ºC) can be improved. When tested at a pressure of 1350ºF (730ºC), the fracture life and ductility of materials under this condition are significantly reduced. However, stabilization treatment at 1700ºF (925ºC) for 16 hours, followed by air cooling, can restore 1350ºF performance and maintain high temperature performance. It is best to perform precipitation treatment between 1470 /1650ºF (800/900ºC).

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